Your official address is assigned by SWOR911.

Do you need a 9-1-1 address? Please call, 1-866-502-7970.

E-Mail Request

If you prefer to request an address via e-mail, you may send your request to either of the following addresses:

Helpful Information

When you contact SWOR911 for your address, the following information will be helpful for the assigning of your address:
  • Name of property owner/resident
  • Directions from the nearest city/town or nearest intersection
  • Section/Township/Range
  • The side of the road on which the structure is located
  • Type of structure

Tips for changing your address

  • The following list is an example of mailers to notify of a 911 address change:

Friends, family, church, schools, work, electric company, gas company, phone company, city utilities, election board, credit card companies, mortgage and/or credit agencies, bank, car, and home insurance companies, tag agency, county assessor and anyone else in which mail is regularly received.