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Enhanced 911 Beneficial For Region

posted Jul 13, 2011, 5:42 AM by Dana Church   [ updated Jul 13, 2011, 5:47 AM ]

Citizens of southwest Oklahoma have Enhanced 911 services thanks to the pioneering efforts of the Southwest Oklahoma Regional 911 Association (SWOR911).

SWOR911, in partnership with South Western Oklahoma Development Authority (SWODA), has played a key role in establishing Enhanced 911 services throughout Beckham, Custer, Harmon, Kiowa, Roger Mills and Washita counties.

The greatest benefit of the Enhanced 911 system is the ability it gives emergency dispatchers to see a visual map of the caller’s physical location on a computer screen, whether calling from a landline or cellular phone.

This improved technology allows dispatchers to relay more accurate, detailed information to emergency responders. The enhanced information heightens the capabilities of emergency personnel when responding to 911 callers, even those who are unable to communicate the emergency or location.

The network of 911 addressing and mapping is the heart of the Enhanced 911 system. Rural residents in Beckham, Custer, Harmon, Kiowa, Roger Mills and Washita counties can obtain a 911 address by calling Director of E911, Dana Church, toll free at 1-866-502-7970 or 580-562-4882. For more information, go to